COVID 19 Non Healthcare Cleaning

In the current environment we are able to provide full decontamination cleans or precautionary cleans in order to provide confidence to your staff, clients and visitors.

Reducing germs by 99.99999% we are able to disinfect large areas using industrial, specialist equipment and our own skilled and trained operatives.

Full Task Risk Assessments will be carried out to ensure safe working practices and our operatives will be provided with full and correct PPE.  Strict procedures will be followed at all times.

All and any arisings from the cleaning procedure will be disposed of in accordance with government advice; Covid-19: cleaning of non-healthcare settings, where experience of coronaviruses has been used to inform the guidance.

We are very aware of the need to protect ourselves and your employees from coronavirus and undertake all activities safely, carefully and fully.

Please contact us for a quotation for any industrial cleaning needs.